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Bill Nygren Found Dead

Statesman Journal, Kaellen Hessel, Aug 10, 2013 - The Marion County Medical Examiner’s Office determined a man found dead in his Keizer home Friday died of natural causes.

Officers were called to check on a resident in the 4300 block of Cherry Ave NE at 4:15 p.m. Friday. The resident had not been seen or heard from for more than a month, Sergeant David LeDay said.

Upon arrival, officers were unable to make contact with the resident. They discovered a deceased man officials believe is 68-year-old William Nygren when they entered the house.

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Name Addr Status Name Addr Status
Derrik & Kristen Abram Avail Tom Mason Unverified
David Adelsheim Avail Hugo Maynard & Sharon Maloney Known
Michael Adelsheim Avail Mary Anthonina McCusker Unverified
Wayne Aldridge Known Michael McCusker Unverified
Penny Allen Avail Jan (Findley) McFadden Avail
Barbara Allen Unknown Anita Malady & Bruce McGillivray Avail
Jolynn Amstutz Unknown Donilu Maki McGinnis Known
Stan Amy Known Andrea McLean Avail
Richard Anderson Known Don McManman Known
Lawrence Andreas Known Dick Medesch Unknown
Nancy Ankorn Unknown Don Mele Known
Doug Babb Avail Dennis Merriam Unknown
Tom Babich Unverified Bob & Joanne Meyer Known
Seona Baird unknown Glenn Misner Known
David Ball Unknown Michael Mitchell Known
Tony Barsotti Known Jan Monroe Known
John & Carolyn Bartels Unknown Verni Moore & Humberto Reyna Avail
Jeff Becker Known Greg Morrison Unknown
George Bergeron Unknown David Mulholland Unknown
Joe & Phyllis Bernt Known Ron Nathman Unknown
Cathy Bernt Unverified Steve Nehl Known
Paul Biehl Unverified Doug Nelson Avail
Gavin Bjork Uknown Comella Nelson Unverified
Kulani Blakslee Unknown Michale Newman Unknown
Earl Blumenauer Known Bill Nygren Known
Norm Boice Unknown Sam Oakland Known
Tom Bonk Unverified Kevin O'hagan Unknown
Kevin Braker Known Gordon Oliver Known
Art Buck Unknown Dana Olsen Known
Ken Burns Unknown Mark O'meara Unknown
Liz Callison Known Peggy O'phelan Unknown
Frank Cardinaux Unknown Sandra & Rodney Page Known
Will Carey Avail Cynthia Parker & Peter Olesen Known
Jeff Chandler Unknown Marsha Parmer Known
Robin Chilstrom Unverified Onva Partousier Unknown
Janet Christ Avail Pasquale Pascuzzi Avail
Kathy Christensen Unknown Rod Patterson Avail
Matt Clark Known Dick Paulson Unknown
Carol Clement Unknown Judith Elaine Payne Unknown
Carolyn Cohen & Scott Cline Known Doug Peeples Avail
Matt Cohen Known Jens Petersen Unknown
Huntly Collins Known Ann & Bob Phillips Known
Tom Conrad Unknown Michael Phillips Known
Graham Conroy Known Harold Plople Unknown
George Crary Known Bill Plympton Avail
Howard Dahlstrom Unknown Priscilla Popenuk Avail
Chris Darkins Avail Jerry Powell Avail
Jim Day Unknown Anne Ludeman & Stan Pusieski Known
Toni Dexter Avail Michael Reardon Known
Brian Diehm Known Karen (Stoner) Reyes Known
Lenny Diener Unknown Carlos Reyes Known
Craig (RIP) & Marla Donaldson Avail (Riceman Cartoonist) Rice Unknown
Richard Donin Known Mike Roberts Unknown
Suzette Ducharme Known Selene Greenburg Robinowitz Known
Kathie Durbin Known Nancy Robinson Unknown
Paul Eisenberg Unknown Sarah & Frank Rodgers Avail
Richard Eivers Unknown Lucy (Le Blanc) Roegner Known
Sheri Evans Known Bob Rogers Unknown
Keith Evans Known Shawn Rossiter Known
Steve Farris Unknonw Lila Rothrock Known
Tess Fegel Unknown Sura Rubenstien Known
Jim Felt Known Mike Free & Linda Rudnick Known
Chris Foleen Known John Salmon Known
Carl Foleen Unverified Julie Salmon Known
Steve Forrester Known Debbie Sampson Unknown
Garey Fouts Avail Cindy Schenkenberger Unknown
Paul Frantz Unknown Harold Schmelzer Unknown
Sandy Frazier Unknown Diane Sella Known
Tim Freeman Unknown Sumner Sharpe Avail
Tom Geil Known Mike Sheppard Unknown
David & Susan Gettman Unverified Claude Singer Known
Jim Gilbert Known Wayne Skidmore Unknown
Charlene Goostree unknown Brad Skinner Known
Jeanette Goostree Unknown Dean Smith Known
Mae (Ouchida) & Bob Gordon Known Dick Solomon Known
Celeste Greenburg Unknown John Evans & Cindy Spak Known
Dwight Gruber Known Beverly Spina-Denson Known
Jon & Karen Hagen Avail Joe Spooner Known
Maurie Hall Unknown Paula Spooner Known
Ken Hamburg Unverified Johnny Stallings Unknown
Susan Hauser Known Susan Stanley Known
David Hauser Known Susan Stanton Unknown
Kathy Hawkins Unknown Dennis Stephens Known
Byron Haynes unknown Wendy Stephenson Unknown
Deborah Hazen Known George Stevens Unknown
Judith Heath Known Lyn & Lori Stone Known
Greg Heinz & Connie Clark Known David Stubbs Avail
Kay Kruger & Craig Hickman Known Bob Summers Unverified
Rick Hillman Unknown Trey Taylor Unknown
Art Homer Known Susan Terry Known
Valerie Hope Known Jana Thompson Avail
David & Gloria Horowitz Known David Thomson Unknown
Rhonda Houston Unknown Pauletta Threlkeld Unknown
Alicia Hovey Unknown George Touhouliotis Known
Maureen Hudson Avail Michael Tripp Unknown
Mac Huff Known Wayne Twedt Known
Linda Hughes Known Joe & Charlotte Uris Known
Anne Hughes Known Antonio Valdez Avail
Ed Hunt Known Lauren Van Bishler Known
Harold Hutchinson Known Gene Van Troyer Avail
Dory Hylton Avail Steve Waksman Known
Carla (Thomp-son) & Wayne Inman Avail Cliff Walker Known
Jean Ishizaka Unknown Sonja Wallow Unknown
Stephen Jackson Unknown Beverly Walton Avail
Brooke Jacobsen Known John Wanjala Unknown
Ed James Unknown Ed Washington Known
Barbra Johnson Unknown Marc Weed Unverified
Bob Johnson Unknown Joel Weinstein Avail
Laveta Jones Unverified Doug Weiskopf Known
Barbara Jordon Unknown Bill Weissert Unknown
Robin Keaton Unknown John Wendeborn Known
Clyde Keller Unverified John Werneken Avail
Dennis King Avail Kathy Werneken & Michael Reed Avail
Wendy Kirchem Known EG White-Swift Avail
Marge Kirrie Unknown Cristie Wilcox Known
Don Kneass Avail Candy Wilkens Unknown
Steve Kosokoff Known Bob & Jeanette Williams Known
Rachael Kurrasch Known Don Wilson Known
Jim Langdon Unknown Dan Wilson Unknown
Lauren Latourette Unknown Jeanine Wolf Unknown
Bill & Genna Lemman Avail Gregory Wolfe Avail
Susan (Tunno) Lester OR Dan Wolfe Unknown
Tom Linhares Known Mike Wolfe Unknown
Paul Linnman Known Tony Wolk Known
Dave Lippoff Unknown Ray Worden Known
Mike Lloyd Known Craig Wortendyke Known
Stan Pusieski & Anne Ludeman Known Cathy Wood Wyrick Avail
Meg Lynch Known Sam Yahn Unknown
Patty Mantia Known Dawn Yamasaki Avail
Ray Mariels Known Debbie Yates Unverified
Joe Marks Unverified Maureen (McNassar) & Mike Zehendner Known

Total : 262
Known addresses (Known or Avail): 155 - 59%
Unverified addresses: 18 - 7%
Unknown addresses: 82 - 31%